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The MRC Advanced Laser Institute is the only place in Vancouver where you can get a perfect balance of theory and practice on laser and energy devices. During each of our intensive modules, you will experience unlimited access to practical use of the most up-to-date laser and energy devices, giving you more than enough time to excel and feel confident with each technique. You will also have the opportunity to practice techniques and work directly with models supplied by MRC, not simply your classmates.


The MRC Advanced Laser Institute is built on the following foundational pillars:

  1. Excellence
  2. Leadership
  3. Innovation


Though the MRC Advanced Laser Institute is in its early years, Medical Rejuvenation Centre has a strong legacy of supporting educational initiatives in the field of medical aesthetics. Dr. Robert Morrell is proud to be our founder and medical director, sharing over three decades of experience working directly with patients, helping people achieve their skin care goals, and mentoring healthcare professionals and laser technicians.

In 2011, Dr. Morrell was instrumental in developing and launching the Medical Aesthetics Certificate Program at Langara College. In collaboration with Dr. Wendy Smeltzer, he introduced advanced and innovative technologies and equipped his students to succeed in the medical aesthetics industry. Dr. Morrell is also the proud founder of Di Morelli Skin Care, a line of medical grade skin care products formulated to help people around the world achieve healthy, beautiful skin.

Throughout the year, MRC regularly hosts The Filler Course and the basic and advanced modules of The Botox Course, two nationally recognized Canadian medical aesthetics training programs founded by Dr. Andrew Dargie. We routinely welcome medical professionals from across Canada who come to our clinic for their continuing professional development. Launching the MRC Advanced Laser Institute was a natural progression, building upon our support of educational initiatives and our dedication to excellence in the field of medical aesthetics.